Other Publications

The following is a selection of Dr. Coughlan's recent reports and journal articles.


Divergent Trends in Neighborhood and School Segregation in the Age of School Choice

Results of this study demonstrate that levels of diversity have risen dramatically in most urban areas as well as in most school districts. Concurrently, an overwhelming majority of cities have experienced increases in neighborhood-level integration while a large majority of schools in their accompanying districts have become increasingly segregated. These divergent patterns in neighborhood and school segregation are cause for alarm and require the immediate attention of policymakers and the public.

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The New Promise of School Integration and the Old Problem of Extreme Segregation: An Action Plan for New Jersey to Address Both

This report, published by the Center for Diversity and Equality in Education, offers a detailed look at levels of school diversity across all schools and districts in New Jersey. In addition to the new research on school diversity, the report presents an action plan for resolving New Jersey's school segregation crisis.


New Jersey's Segregated Schools: Trends and Paths Forward

This report, published by the UCLA Civil Rights Project, highlights the state of school segregation by race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and linguistic background in New Jersey

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Progressive Education in the 21st Century

Through three case studies, this article presents the struggles and triumphs that progressive schools face a century after John Dewey's publication of Democracy and Education.


Remedying School Segregation: How New Jersey's Morris School District Chose to Make Diversity Work

This report, published by The Century Foundation, presents the case of the Morris School District as an example of how school integration can work in our segregated society.