The following is a collection of recent media coverage of Dr. Coughlan's work.


In Most U.S. Cities, Neighborhoods Have Grown More Integrated. Their Schools Haven’t.

Read a feature article about Dr. Coughlan’s research on trends in neighborhood and school segregation.


New Jersey's Public Schools Remain Overwhelmingly Segregated

Listen to Professor Coughlan discuss his latest report on the challenges and opportunities that New Jersey faces if it hopes to confront and resolve its school segregation crisis.


New Jersey Schools Becoming More Segregated

Listen to Dr. Coughlan discuss his research on New Jersey's school segregation crisis in an interview with Jami Floyd.


Report: Whites No Longer in Majority in NJ Schools

Read about Dr. Coughlan's research on school segregation in New Jersey and see what he had to say in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer.


As Other Districts Grapple with Segregation, This One Makes It Work

Read a feature article about the Morris School District. Dr. Coughlan aided the journalist in finalizing this article, which is based on his report on the Morris School District with Paul Tractenberg and Dr. Allison Roda.